Light Film Festival Judges' Comment:

A cinematic triumph that showcases cielo‘s ability to blend storytelling and visual artistry into a creative vision.


What triggered the idea for "WAJBA" film?

It was a period in my life where I couldn’t move much because of an injury, and I’ve lived one floor above my Mom’s, and she was super busy taking care of her father; we couldn’t find much time to meet regularily.


Now, when she gets out to make the lunch for grandpa, the smells of her delicious cooking and the sounds her utinsels make were the “adhan” for my prayers of wanting to see her more. Luckily, this was exactly in the shaft that is visible outside of the window very next to me, and I’d -naturally- be ecstatic when I see her face.


This picture is taken by her, photographing me to document these moments, it is priceless to me

Is that why the script has won?

Yes, the best scenario in Bahrain. I believe that wasn’t because of my creativity as much it was the authenticity of the idea and how genuinely emotional it was.

Best actual achievement, after producing that script?

Best film in Bahrain’s history according to IMDb! (Even though this was taken over by my other film “In My Shoes”)