What Are You?


Loay is an award-winning filmmaker, and by filmmaker I mean a Writer/Director and a Producer, and at some points, everything in between. 



I’ve created films that even some 40+ years filmmakers told me have never seen anything like before. My value proposition: My movies are always refreshingly unique.

Filmmaker, Movie Producer & Writer, Bahraini Director Loay Tattan AKA during film festival المخرج البحريني لؤي التتان سييلو في مهرجان السعودية البحرين السينمائي

Creative Director

No need for stargazing – I’m cielo, the Pragmatic Dreamer, who builds skyways out of clouds. Forget stale blueprints, I navigate the real world through spotting hidden opportunities while others see dead ends. My superpower? Transforming limitations into launchpads, propelling you towards goals that once seemed like mirages.


Bahraini Filmmaker and Creative Cinema Director Loay Tattan AKA cielo @LoayTattan during film movies productions رائد الأعمال والمخرج السينمائي والإبداعي البحريني لؤي التتان أو سييلو أثناء إنتاج أفلامه Loay Tattan interview in Bahrain TV Bahrain Today

Design Engineer

Loay has BOTH the academic and the professional muscles of BOTH Engineering and Design, and he uses them complementarily to produce exponentially more effective results than either.


A Design Engineer integrates all the “goodies” between the brilliant technical expertise of an engineer and the creative problem-solving flairs of a designer to convert any vision to a roadmap from the seed of an idea to the intricate details. DEs are not your typical engineers obsessed with gears and circuits, but rather masterminds behind thriving systems, spanning everything from sleek gadgets to smooth-running businesses, even personal lives!

Serial Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a very lengthy and hard journey with endless milestones tightened into it; only handful of people can say they finished that “science”, all the other ones (including me) are still learning every day, it is just that I can share what I’ve learned so far.

Bahraini Filmmaker and Creative Cinema Director & Entrepreneur Loay Tattan AKA cielo @LoayTattan during his masterclass workshop to these students رائد الأعمال والمخرج السينمائي والإبداعي البحريني لؤي التتان أو سييلو أثناء إعطائه درسا عن ريادة الأعمال لهؤلاء الطلبة


Advisory for University Boards.


Consultant for public figures’ personal brands.


Masterclasses for c-suite professionals.


Mentoring aspiring talents.


Workshops to get your hands dirty.


Training sessions to burn the things into mind.


… and any exciting information transportation that produces the right amount of Dopamine!

Being either a Filmmaker, a Creative Director or a Design Engineer, involves a lot of creativity, but also to be a jack-of-all-trades with seemingly endless competencies; to know something about everything rather than know everything about one thing.


What I do, can’t be properly summarized in one sentence, but I will give it a try:


I orchestrate systematic solutions for complex problems by innovating optimized creative work, brands, experiences, processes, products and even personal lives!