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Loay Tattan (cielo)

Loay Tattan (cielo)

(Creative) Director | Design Engineer

Loay Tattan, AKA "cielo", is a Bahraini Award-Winning Director. As a Filmmaker (Producer, Writer-Director), his work started to explode in popularity after he was ranked in the elite 1% of the filmmakers in the world by IMDb, and he had 4 of his films ranked within top 10 films in the history of Bahrain, including number 1 for his film "Wajba" and surpassing other significant works such as Disney's Hamad and the Pirates (1971), Ahmed Sharif 's Al Misbah (2019-) and  Swalef Tafash (2016). This achievement was duplicated when his own favorite film "In My Shoes" took over the #1 spot later. His signature films -literally- have been screened on all the continents around the world!

On a typical day, Loay is a Creative Director / Design Engineer, who is renowned for inventing new ways of designing powerful solutions for businesses and personalities alike. The marriage of his result-oriented mindset (From his academic Engineering background & 10 years experience) and his creative innovations (From his extensive creative experience), alongside his management skills (A certified CMI level 5 Manager with 10+ year of experience in managing projects and teams) effectively bridges the gap between the brands and their target audience.

cielo (a nickname always written in lower case, "c"), carries a huge armory of expertise in his arsenal, like Personal Branding, Film Production, Creative Writing, Experience Design, Advertisement, Design Engineering, Typography, Productivity Technology and much more.

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In other words, you cannot testify for how awesome you are, since you always see yourself awesome (well, most of us most of the time) but it is socially acceptable if others do it for you. Hence, here we go...

Najla Hameed


Loay works above and beyond what is required to produce a stunning film. His work is bold, new, edgy, and different. He's passionate, he's dedicated, he's caring. His films have the cinematic hallmarks of a far more mature filmmaker. He has a knack for beautifully evocative storytelling and an elegant visual style that seamlessly draws you in. His attention to detail and commitment to each aspect of filmmaking is truly impressive. He was so easy to work with and very detail-oriented from the very beginning. He took the time to talk through different strategies and concepts to ensure we got the most value out of them.
I highly recommend Loay as he will become an asset to your team while ensuring the success of your production.

Wafa Aalobaidat

Obai & Hill - Founder & CEO

cielo is an amazing creative director. I have worked with him in a professional setting and he was innovatively effective while obsessing with delivering fast results without compromising the quality of the work

Mansoora Al-Jamri

Film Critic

Loay's cinematic language is very, very beautiful

Ahmed Akbar

Film Editor & Director

I've worked with Loay Tattan as an editor for his short film "In My Shoes". The idea of the film -which is true to all his other ideas as well- was intriguingly unique.
He was very easy to work with in the editor room, and he even gave me my innovative control to tweak my creativity in. Moreover, Loay is very accurate with his approach, and he loves to pay attention to smallest of details. It was a project that was undoubtfully influential on me.

Mahmood Aloraibi

Alaraibi Law - Managing Partner

Aside from being an incredibly brilliant and inspiring designer, Loay was a pleasure to work with. Finding that balance of talent and strategic mindset is rare. He was extremely responsive, truly listened to constructive feedback and collectively implemented that feedback in his work, and went above and beyond to deliver a final product that I was proud of. He completely exceeded our expectations in the first draft and went on to doing better in the second draft. We not only ended up with a wonderful new brand, but gained new understanding about what makes us... us. Loay's package design is a key element to our success. This will not be the last time that we work in collaboration with him.

Elaine Lockwood

Learning Manager

Loay is an enthusiastic team player who works to a high standard. He is reliable and has shown he is able meet deadlines and targets.
Loay would add benefit to any team.

Adnan Balies


Loay Tattan is one of the passionate filmmakers, he has a high sense for detecting the creative ideas and opinions.



I've worked in a lot of films, but in my project with Loay, it was out of this world, even the cinematography method was something I've never experienced as a cinematographer before.

Jamaan Alrowaiei


During my work with Loay, I have noticed that his methodology, frames, scene creation and lighting design was different than any film I was involved in.



I had a wonderful experience acting and being under the supervision of cielo, I'd love to do more work with him in the future.

Dawiya Ebrahim


Not only Loay was a professional and a dedicated person, but he made us a whole brand new branding that was integral and highly exceeded our expectations.
I don't think that I will deal with anyone other than him from today on.

Maamoon Shamdin


It was a pleasant experience working with Loay Tattan.

Mohamed Murbati

Music Composer

I am lucky because I was involved in an outside-of-the-box film with Loay Tattan. Working with him is delicious.

Fardan Raffii


Loay has a nice attribute; when he wants to do something, he finds a creative way and take action to apply it and make it happen.

Mahmood Abdulhusain


I am grateful for Loay for giving me the opportunity to take the lead role of his short film, which was very touching to me since I have a mobility impairment.


The way Loay treated me and the faith he'd put in me made me act with ease. He even asked before shooting each scene whether the blocking is comfortable for me or not, which also gave me a huge push and that's what being a successful director looks like.

Abdulwhab Al-Oraid

Literature Writer

Loay has a very unique filmmaking style

Talal Al Kaabi

Fashion Designer

It was my good luck that led me to know Loay, the human being before the artist. We've collaborated many times with him being the creative director, and I can say that he's a professional person and he likes to give it his best, always.
He is a sucker for freshness and uniqueness, and he has a very successful future ahead of him, I have no doubt about that.

Ahlam Al-Khuzaie


I love Loay's wild ideas that are often sophisticatedly simple.

Shahzad Ali Mohammed

Director, DOP

I had my chance to work with Mr. Loay once and the experience was an adventure.
And even though he didn’t know me at first, but the way he dealt with me and all the team working on his project was both professional and friendly. I have worked with many directors who lose their patience once in a while during on the set, but Loay was one of the calmest directors I have worked with.

Mahmood Alobaidat

Makeup Artist

My first experience in short films was with Loay, and It added to my knowledge a lot, especially on how to use the makeup to serve the film purpose.

AH Law

AH Law - Management

An entertaining experience that was of flawless quality, luxurious taste and fast execution. Loay is an innovative person, and he deserves the best.

Khalid Azmi

Director of IT Operations - Batelco

I have worked with Loay and he was also my classmate during CMI Level 5 program. He is very co-operative and attends to his tasks quickly. A very friendly and professional person. I would recommend him for any position or team.

Dana Zubari


I've worked with Loay, I absolutely love all the work that we've done together, the video footage has always been lovely, and he's extremely professional.

Hady Elcott


I've collaborated with Loay, and it has always been a pleasure. Loay knows exactly what he wants. He creates an environment that's friendly and collaborative; it is a very wholesome experience. And that's what you want to look for in the industry; to collaborate with people that make art feel like a blast. It is not about ego, it is about coming together, creating really cool concepts and thinking outside of the box.

Ebrahim Al Ansari

CEO - Aldeyar Travel

I have known Loay for a year through extensive training courses we have done together. I have been impressed by Loay's attitude towards the team and his contributions. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to establish good friendly relationship with the classmates and the instructors. Loay has a good understanding and he's always focused.
I would recommend him for any future opportunity for the leading position.

Adel Zainal

Data Cener Operations Manager - Batelco

I have worked with Luay and he was also my classmate during CMI Level 5 program. He is very co-operative and attends to his tasks quickly. A very friendly and professional person. I would recommend him for any position or team.

Husain Al-Aradi

Senior Supervisor - Tatweer

Loay is a smart professional with wide knowledge and amazing skills. He is very keen on personal and organizational grouth, which gives him a great value to any team he leads or works with.

Latifa Alkuwaiti


Loay, the calligrapher, he enlightened my path towards soul engineering using a physical mechanism. His fingers taught me how Arabic letters are calligraphed with patience, beauty and mastery.

Amina Alkhina


Loay is one of the best directors that I've worked with. He knows what he's doing, so he's always calm but fast, and that is really important for the production staff and the cast.
I am a follower of his works, and honestly all I am seeing is progress. He loves to create uniquely with quality in mind rather than quantity. He is a role model.

Akbar Husain


Loay is a diligent person who owns the necessary skills to achieve his goals in a smart way.

Ismael Murad

Director/Set Designer

Thank you Loay Tattan! He's made me innovate a solution that wasn't on anybody's mind to solve a critical problem at the time, I've enjoyed working with him.

Mohamed Alsaffar


Being in the most beautiful adventures and the most interesting mazes is actually to be involved in Loay Tattan's art projects. "In My Shoes" film was an abstract entry to such a maze where Loay trashed away superficial cliches and excessive camera movements from it, and pivoted on the economy of solution that was inspired -I believe- from an engineering perspective, which is something that I get.

Shafeeka Yousif


Loay Tattan is an ambitious director and I am really glad that I've worked with him. Although it was a short duration of which we've worked together, but I've noticed his attention to details and his passionate care for his work.
Also, it is not a secret that he has a beautiful spirit, gentle work ethics with everyone on the set and an open mind that welcomes everyone's opinions with listening ears.
He pays attention to the smallest details and tries his best to showcase the frame perfectly, and he never backs away from giving it his all.
On the personal level, he is a great person who always was connected with me even after our project was accomplished.

Oswin Fernandez

Indian Actor/Entrepreneur

I had a pleasure of working with Loay, aka ceilo, in one of his movies. You can upright feel the positive vibe the minute you start the interaction with him. He is very work-driven, creative and a very professional person.
His prowess as an astute director and cogent vision of the script makes him more competent and successful. I would defenitely want to work with him again.

Severine Tibi

French/American Producer

cielo is clearly a talented filmmaker with brilliant ideas

Hashim Alalawi

Sound Designer

Working with Loay is entertainment

Bayan Salman


Loay Tattan you're an ambitious creative director, proud to see you winning awards continuously, I extremely recommend those who think about hiring a director to consider you.

Hussain AM. Mohammed

Director - Enterprise (Batelco)

Loay is an asset to any team of his choosing. Always creative in both solving solutions and his thought process. He remained the go to guy when things needed to be resolved. Wish him all the best in his path ahead.

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