What Can You Do?

Multipotentialite [NOUN]: someone with many interests and creative pursuits.


What I do can be summarized in one sentence: I use a mix of creativity and emotional intelligence to innovate simple solutions for complex problems.


For specifities, I will be sharing solid examples of what can be done, so lets start exploring!


Filmmaking is creating an artistic vision and then directing the film towards that vision. It is all about managing both the creative and the artistic vehicles and sync them seamlessly to manufacture a great movie. Loay has done it all: a writer, a director, an editor,  or even sometimes a cinematic videographer (cinematographer); how to make every lighting, little movement, color, lens selection, aspect ratio, angle and even the smallest calibrational detail matters to the story.



Movie Production

Talking about a whole spectrum of actually making a film happen, from ideation to writing to scipting to doctoring to budgeting to funding to casting to planning to scounting to logistics to equipment to shooting to accounting to editing to finishing to distribution.


Did I take long mentioning those? There is a lot more that this tiny space can’t cover!

Bahraini Filmmaker and Creative Cinema Director Loay Tattan AKA cielo @LoayTattan during film movies productions رائد الأعمال والمخرج السينمائي والإبداعي البحريني لؤي التتان أو سييلو أثناء إنتاج أفلامه Loay Tattan interview in Bahrain TV Bahrain Today

Creative Direction

It is quite literal, a direction for a goal in a creative way. This explanation for a sophisticated terminology is ironically simple, as the process of finding your way to achieve a goal (any goal) is going to be.


Will be using effective & unique innovative ways to help solve a problem or aid in enhancing an existing great situation; we don’t have to create problems as an excuse for innovation! Let’s say, two different pair of lenses are sometimes even better.


P.S. Everything following this is a ramification of this.


Bahraini Filmmaker and Creative Cinema Director Loay Tattan AKA cielo @LoayTattan during film movies productions رائد الأعمال والمخرج السينمائي والإبداعي البحريني لؤي التتان أو سييلو أثناء إنتاج أفلامه Loay Tattan interview in Bahrain TV Bahrain Today

Experience Design

Experience Design is a very interesting field.  


UX is not only about web design, it is about the whole user experience and how can you make them feel excited and comfortable  dealing with you and your business. it is more of an emotional problem that gets solved when start and end your design thinking with empathy!


Trigger your audience curiousity, leave them struck with chill goosebumps, allow them to want to want more, be attractively intimidating, be effortlessly effecient; draw them, don’t go to them.


It is not about how good you are with coming up with the right code, it is how can you understand the “U” and give them the best experience with the design’s interface.


I mean, look at this very website and judge for yourself.


Design Engineering

Loay has BOTH the academic and the professional muscles of BOTH Engineering and Design, and he uses them complementarily to produce exponentially more effective results than either.


A Design Engineer integrates all the “goodies” between the brilliant technical expertise of an engineer and the creative problem-solving flairs of a designer to convert any vision to a roadmap from the seed of an idea to the intricate details. DEs are not your typical engineers obsessed with gears and circuits, but rather masterminds behind thriving systems, spanning everything from sleek gadgets to smooth-running businesses, even personal lives!


Branding is the anchor point upon which every decision in an establishment is pivoting on, nailing it means that making everything works like a charm a sweet possibility.


Having a strong, consistant and charismatic brand is not a luxurious option, it is a necessity.

Personal Branding

You can ask any branding guru about the personal branding, they’ll never shut up about how super powerful it is. You can never overrate personal branding, it is a huge boost; it will always boil down to YOU as a unique person.


Whisper: you just MUST standout from the rest.

Creative Writing

You can rarely beat well-articulated words that -sometimes- can speak of a thousand pictures. You can create your own realm and have blast for free!


Here is the list of (some) of the possibilities:

– Storytelling

– Screenwriting.

– Copywriting.

– Speech writing.

– Articles & Journalism.


Bahraini Filmmaker and Creative Cinema Director Loay Tattan AKA cielo @LoayTattan writer شعار المخرج السينمائي والإبداعي والكاتب البحريني لؤي التتان أو سييلو slogan: unbox the unorthodox الشعار: اكشف عن المختلف

Creative Humor

What is the only way to guarantee geniune engagement from everyone? Witty creativity that causes uncontrollable range from slight chuckles to a serious case of ROFLing

Consulting & Educating

Consultation, Mentoring, Masterclasses, Workshops, Trainings and any exciting information transportation that give you the right amount and the right type of Dopamine!


Sometimes even the best of the best camera equipment can’t give you what you want.


Editing, VFX, motion graphics, CGI, voiceover, sound scoring, foley and the list goes on and on.



They say that nothing ever is created from nothing, don’t know about that, but it is certainly true for typography, it just requires a very rich eye and a creative mind to come up with an amazing piece from the hundred thousands of available typefaces.


Entrepreneurship is a very lengthy and hard journey with endless milestones to it; only handful of people can say they finished that “science”, all the other ones (including me) are still learning every day, it is just that I can share what I’ve learned so far.

Bahraini Filmmaker and Creative Cinema Director & Entrepreneur Loay Tattan AKA cielo @LoayTattan during his masterclass workshop to these students رائد الأعمال والمخرج السينمائي والإبداعي البحريني لؤي التتان أو سييلو أثناء إعطائه درسا عن ريادة الأعمال لهؤلاء الطلبة

Information Architecture (IA) & Instructional Design (ID)

Your out-of-the-mill architecture will design buildings, I, on the other hand, will design information.


The job is to know what information to use, where, when and why. We don’t wanna throw information at our audience like a heavy old basketball now, do we?

Color Grading

For visual media, color grading is vital (especially nowadays). Why? The days of shoot and publish is far gone, the possibilities are endless and available. No excuses anoymore; the viewers eyes are sufficiently exposed to vivid colors & perfect vibes.


A real estate flat would be trendy now; a pictorial one would NOT.

Before Color Grading

Graphic Design

This -seemingly- new art is actually fairly old. Remind yourself that it has been around since the 80s and shock your soul!


It is maybe some sort of magic making a junk of square graphic units called pixels into an artisitic design that is beautiful and make sense for the context!

Product Design

To make a product great, it should have superior craftsmanship, ergonomic design, optimal size and weight, efficient performance, eco-friendly materials, clear instructions, reliable performance, attractive packaging, safe usage, and accessible maintenance.


Vector Art

Drawing with vectors has two merits:


1- It is abstract and lacks any kind of excessiveness.


2- It is scalable; we can make it much larger as we wish without compromising the quality in anyway.


Ok, it is not the most creative thing to pose, but it is indeed creative. It also gives you the experience to be able to put yourself in the models’ shoes and know eventually how to manage them.


And Let’s face it, everyone loves to look good, so, why not?





Is it safe to say that 3D is better than any other number of dimensions most of the times? Don’t know, but it is always a gift to the eyes.




There is nothing that wins the hearts of everyone more than “personalization”.


It speaks to the soul and fits the moods like a glove every time.


You can almost print anything on virtually anything, it is a pure joy.



Without conceptualization, research would be nothing more than a collection of data. However, with conceptualization, research becomes a tool of making sense of the chaos and turning it into a an amazing representation that actually works.


Interior Design affects both branding and internal branding, it is like you’re designing the vibes, which is a pretty super duper cool thing if you ask me!




Sometimes, art has to be done by your own hands, it adds to the authenticity of the work and the geniunity of the intention; it shows effort and passion.


Arabic Calligraphy… What. A. World!


I have dug a shallow hole into it, and I am already in love, you can’t go wrong with a magnificent Arabic Calligraphy piece.





What you can’t say with words, you can probably say it with an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface.


Derived from the Greek “photo”, meaning light and “graph”, meaning to draw; the word Photograph literally means ‘light drawing’


Tattoo Design

No matter why someone chooses to get a tattoo, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Tattoos are permanent, and they can be expensive to remove.


However, for those who are willing to make the commitment, nothing speaks better than well-studied symbolic professional art.

Uniform Design

Adjoining with any highly exposable physical asset, uniforms have to match the branding adequately. It adds valuable emphasis to the harmony of the visual identity.


Also, you can consider the proper uniform branding a free advertisement; spreading your brand organically is not not a good idea!




Fashion is whole universe by itself, but like any art that is related to business; it needs design.


By design, we mean making fashion products  tailor-made (pun intended) to our targetted audience, something that works, that reflects the personality.

Character Embodiment

As a writer and a filmmaker, creating characters is an essential part of it. As a creative director, knowing what works and how craft it commercially is key.


Whether doing a personification of existing real life characters, or a creation of a character from scratch, a creative process has to be implemented based on extensive expertise with this art.


3D Avatar Simulation

Nowadays, it is possible to convert anything into a 3D rendition. If you do this, you can do unimaginable things with it that even the real thing can’t do!

Realm Creations

The very first job of a creative writer when starting to writing the first draft is Realm Creation and for a simple reason: Nothing is living nowhere, everything is living “somewhere”.


The art of creating an artistic replica of real life or even imaginary characters, or what we call “characterization”, which depicts those characters into fitting portrayals that could open an infinite amount of previously closed doors which in turn enables us to simulate the characters into as many imaginings as possible and as needed.


How do you know if something is #art? If it teased you so bad; it developed an intense emotion inside of your chest and took over your feelings


– cielo / Twitter / 21 Feb 2023


After few days of working in a sports section of a known newspaper, Loay’s got the position of the head of the sports world news, and ran it like Forrest Gump!


Recently, he co-founded the Gulf Cinema Magazine and managed many of the articles before they saw the light.


Worked for an official newpaper in Bahrain when he was 20 years old. He was writing extensive articles and doing so good, so good indeed to the extent that after one week of his employement he was promoted to the head of the global sports section, bypassing all the existing veteran journalists that were already there for decades.


Let’s just say that conducting publications isn’t Loay’s achilles heel.

The End

If you reach this piece, congratulations, you’ve scrolled (i.e. endured) all my content and all what I can do (almost!).


Contact me and I’ll thank you in a special way. But most probably I’ll be very dead, then you’ll have to visit my tomb.