If I had to choose only one band to listen to for the rest of my life, I would have an awkwardly fast response: OneRepublic.


I used to drink these during my teenage days and pretend I am an executive having a very important meeting in a royal lounge. I’d assigned the word “Cadé” to replace “Ok” when I agree to stuff.


I was born in “The Night of Destiny”. It is a special night in the Islamic calendar which equals 1000 ordinary nights (in terms of blessings, according to the Quran)


I don’t use my phones Note App. Instead, I use my Twitter a time capsule for my arbitrary thoughts so they don’t get lost.


Comedy has got me through the toughest times of my life. I’ll always be grateful to it; comedy -literally- was “there for me”.

Shoutout to: Louis CK, Bill Burr and of course, F.R.I.E.N.D.S



Pickles, Bell Peppers, Raw Onions & Grape Leaves are torture tools as far as I am concerned


I have lung that is smaller than an 80 years old lady’s poodles’s nose.


I am a very simple person; I can go through life until death with very few things: edible food, a huge variety of drinks, internet access, A computer to use that internet access on, electrical connection to power that PC up, a home to host all of that, and a salary to pay for all that.


When I was a child, I thought that petrol stations are located exactly where the oil well was discovered. In other words, they build the whole thing instantly, precisely on the same spot the petroleum gushed up.


To be honest, I really believed my own myth until my second year in the university when my friend continuously stared at me for 13 minutes straight.


During my days in the nursury, I geniunely believed that I am the show of the world, that everyone is basically a spy to monitor me. I thought that I was the centre of the universe.


Only when I am an adult, I’ve realized that that was extremely arrogant AND that Jim Carrey did The Truman Show 3 years later. Not a coincedence if you ask me! >:(


I Loooooooove wearing suits. I can wear suits all the time. If only suits were comfortable, don’t need laundry and cheap!


Screaming is not one of my abilities. i.e. I can’t technically REALLY scream.


IQ = 123


Only 6% of the world population are as smart, but that doesn’t mean anything, does it?


I, intentionally, don’t instantly open most gifts that I get, I wait for them to be old, and then pretend they’re new (since they’re still unboxed) and only then I open them. It is like getting double gifts everytime.


The more options you give me for something, the more I will love you


There is no food in the world that I won’t eat mango with.


Argentina football team’s historical number is 10


Manchester United’s historical number is 7


Ergo, scientifically speaking, 17 is the best and coolest number ever