Do you accept projects that are in a work-for-hire basis

Sure! I can work on contracts and retainers if required.

What kind of personal consultation do you offer?

Basically anything under my specialties umbrella.

But mostly, I am consulted regarding these subjects:

– Personal Branding.

– Filmmaking.

– Value Engineering & Productivity.

– Management.


Where are you based?

The heart of the world: Bahrain


Are you ready to word outside of Bahrain?

Yes. When needed, I’ll sacrifice and travel to any lovely country around the world.


What kind of payment do you accept?

Almost any type accepted in Bahrain. To name some: Paypal, Benefit, Bank Transfer, Cash (mostly BHD, USD, SAR, AED, QAR, KWD) but I can make a case-by-case judgement for other currencies.

What certifications do you have?

Many! Let’s see…

BSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bahrain

Diploma in Management from Chartered Management Institute (CMI) [UK]

Diploma in Insurance from BIBF [BH]

Diploma in Value Engineering from SAVE international [US]

& many other certifications in the creative & business fields mostly that you can find here and here